Loutro is a small place but it has a rich history, because it is a natural harbor. It has been a shelter for the sailors traveling the Mediterranean over the years and also it has never been easy to reach Loutro over the land. So over the ages different tribes possessed it and used it for base of operations.

In the Hellenistic and Roman times, it was the site of the ancient city of Phoenix, an important harbor. Today nothing remains of the ancient Phoenix, except the name preserved by the small village in the bay west of Loutro.

Later the Saracen pirates used Loutro as a lair from which to attack the ships sailing south of Crete.

The Venetians managed to drive out the Saracens and fortified Loutro with a small fortress, whose ruins are still visible today. Another fortress preserved in better condition in Loutro is evidence of the Turkish presence here.

Loutro harbor was used during the Daskaloyiannis rebellion of 1770 and the 1821 uprising was declared in Crete at Loutro.

If you take a walk around Loutro in 20 minutes you can see the ancient ruins.

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