Loutro Ηolidays offers you accommodation in the picturesque, seaside village of Loutro, in the south west part of the Mediterranean island of Crete.

  The café and the accommodation that we offer you, are operating mostly by the owner of the place, who provides the best service and care for your requirements and expectations. Giannis is always there to make you feel like home.

On the other hand Loutro is unique in many ways. It is tucked away at the feet of the “White Mountains”, built around one of the most serene bays of the southern coast of Crete.

No roads lead to the village, and so no cars can reach it, giving you a sense of peace and naturalism. The fact makes it the perfect place for relaxing and renewing yourself. The people here are known for their hospitality and the village has kept the traditional architecture. The rhythm of life is simple and peaceful and often time seems, to stop here.

Loutro is one hour drive from the town of Chania, through the breath taking “Imbros Gorge”, to Chora Sfakion. From there it is a 15 minute boat trip, 4 times a day to Loutro.

The studio  "Loutroholidays" are located over the “Loutro Café” and have been built in an amphitheatric way. All have big terraces with views over the sea and Loutro and there you can relax, read a book, sunbath and enjoy the tranquility of the village.

All studio include bathroom, Blow Dryers, air conditioning, Sat-TV, small refrigerators, kitchenettes and can accommodate up to four(4) persons.

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All rooms include bathroom, air conditioning, TV sets and small refrigerators.

Loutro café is located under the rooms of Loutro Holidays and you can have your breakfast there and try one of our home made cakes, which we make out of the best quality products. A slice of our cheese cake will convince you its one of the best you ever had. And a piece of our chocolate cake will give you energy for the whole day. The lemon pie is the best appetizer after a heavy meal.

You can try espresso and why not a Greek traditional coffee which we make with great care. In lunch time you can have special salads with traditional products which will energize you and cleanse your body system. At night time you can enjoy the moonlight and have a beverage under the stars listening to soft music.

You can do many things in Loutro!

If you feel lazy you can relax on the beach of Loutro read a book, swim, sunbath, drink a tea or coffee, canoe or walk as far as the Venetian and Turkish Fortresses.

You can also walk to Phoenix a nearby village (30 minutes walk) and why not to Marmara beach (1:30 hour walk) where is the exit of the Aradena Gorge. There you will find a beautiful taverna on the rocks and you will see the rocks that look like marble and it has given the name to the beach. There is also a boat cruise from Loutro every day, at 11:00 o’clock that goes to Marmara beach in case you don’t want to walk and comes back at 5 o’ clock.

You can go the other side, Sfakia direction through a path along the coast to Sweet Water beach (70 minutes walk). Sweet Water is a long virgin beach with green crystal waters, because of the sweet water that springs there from the “white Mountains. The seα water there is very cold even on August and the beach is given her name over the sweet water that exists there and is absolutely drinkable. There is also a boat cruise to Sweet Water from Loutro at 11:00 o’clock and comes back at 5:00 o’clock if you don’t feel like walking.

On the other hand if you are used in mountain treking, you can try a more difficult path, the one from Loutro to Anopoli (1:30 hour walk). You climb up 700 meters above sea level over Loutro with a breathtaking view of Loutro, Libya Sea, the island of Gavdos and Gavdopoula the southern border of Europe. At the end of the path is the church of ST Catherine and a small Venetian fort. You can go back down or continue to Anopoli and the Aradena Gorge. There you can do Bungee Jumping from a metal bridge built 138 meters over the gorge. It is the second highest bridge for bungee jumping in Europe. You can cross the Aradena Gorge and end up in Marmara Beache (2:00 hours walk). From there you can take the boat cruise back to Loutro if you are very tired.

Take the ferry to Agia Roumeli and walk up the Samaria Gorge. This is known as the "lazy way", as it is only 3.5 km from Agia Roumeli to the “Iron Gates”, the narrowest point of the gorge.

Loutro is located southwest of Crete. You can go to Sfakia by taxi, or bus from the K.T.E.L. of Chania and Heraklion. Airports exist in Chania and Heraklion. It is better that you don’t rent a car because there is no road in Loutro and you will have to live your car in Sfakia. It is 1:10 hours drive from Chania and 2:30 hours from Heraklion.

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From Chania to the airport and from the airport to Chania is 30 minutes. Check the bus time tables when you get to the airport.

From Chania to Heraklion : every hour on the half-hour. Cost is 13 euros. Journey time is about 2:30 hours. When traveling from Heraklion you will change buses at Vrises (about 1:45 hours), and catch the Sfakia bus that come from Chania. The two buses normally wait for each other.

For more information and in case the timetable changes the web site for the buses.
Timetables from Sfakia to Loutro
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Loutro is a small place but it has a rich history, because it is a natural harbor. It has been a shelter for the sailors traveling the Mediterranean over the years and also it has never been easy to reach Loutro over the land. So over the ages different tribes possessed it and used it for base of operations.

In the Hellenistic and Roman times, it was the site of the ancient city of Phoenix, an important harbor. Today nothing remains of the ancient Phoenix, except the name preserved by the small village in the bay west of Loutro.

Later the Saracen pirates used Loutro as a lair from which to attack the ships sailing south of Crete.

The Venetians managed to drive out the Saracens and fortified Loutro with a small fortress, whose ruins are still visible today. Another fortress preserved in better condition in Loutro is evidence of the Turkish presence here.

Loutro harbor was used during the Daskaloyiannis rebellion of 1770 and the 1821 uprising was declared in Crete at Loutro.

If you take a walk around Loutro in 20 minutes you can see the ancient ruins.


Email: info@loutroholidays.gr
Owner: Giannis Sakellariou
Address: Loutro Sfakia Crete
Tel: +30 693 453 0543

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