Loutro café is located under the rooms of Loutro Holidays and you can have your breakfast there and try one of our home made cakes, which we make out of the best quality products. A slice of our cheese cake will convince you its one of the best you ever had. And a piece of our chocolate cake will give you energy for the whole day. The lemon pie is the best appetizer after a heavy meal.

You can try espresso and why not a Greek traditional coffee which we make with great care. In lunch time you can have special salads with traditional products which will energize you and cleanse your body system. At night time you can enjoy the moonlight and have a beverage under the stars listening to soft music.


Email: info@loutroholidays.gr
Owner: Giannis Sakellariou
Address: Loutro Sfakia Crete
Tel: +30 693 453 0543

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